Month: April 2017

The importance of gratitude

When we hear of bad situations happening around us or in the world it’s important to reflect on how lucky we are to have what we have. A feeling of gratefulness came across me when I heard of a fire nearby…

A message of Hope and preparing for Winter

As Easter has come and gone, I reflect on the Easter message and it’s message of hope.  Also, my champion football team is suffering at the moment, but there is a lesson for all of us in ensuring you prepare for the tough times when things are rosy!

Engineering a comeback

It’s important to practice Mindfulness during tough times.  When the weather keeps you inside, or your whole family is suffering from sickness, be sure to look on the positive side.  A positive mindset and good habits will help you to Engineer a comeback to health and wellbeing faster than you might think…

Here’s the link to the Calm app I mentioned.

Engineering A Different Mindset

If you can Engineer a different mindset (a positive one) you are destined to be great.  In this episode I discuss how mindset is key to reaching for your dreams.