Month: August 2017

What’s your secret sauce?

There are many ways to create a great recipe using the same ingredients.  Many different methods for preparing a dish.

In life, we all have the chance to create a great recipe using the ingredients we find all around us… depending on what little bits you add will dictate what the final dish looks like….

Maybe you’ve got a secret sauce that only you know about… maybe you followed a recipe once but you know it so well  now that you cook off by heart…

What’s going to be your secret recipe? What’s your secret sauce?  Use the experiences of your life to mould a great dish from all the ingredients in your own unique way…


Growing Something From Nothing

Hello Freedom Engineers!

Recently I spent some time with friends at my friend’s holiday house in the bush (Australian term!)…  I saw some beautiful gum trees growing in very rocky conditions, devoid of much soil, if any at all….

It made me think how often we wait for conditions to be perfect (or better than they are) before we get started on our projects, businesses, dreams, plans etc….

Truth is, the conditions may never be perfect, in fact, probably won’t ever be perfect but amazing things can be grown from nothing and the end result is often beautiful and amazing…

Like a stoic gum tree that plants its seed and grows roots in the rocky ground, why don’t you try to start with one piece of the puzzle instead of waiting for all the pieces to be put on the table!

Get at it…. the time may be right after all…

Getting Things Done

Hello Podcast listeners!

I’ve been off the airwaves for a few days because I’ve commenced the process of implementing a productivity breakthrough, a personal management system called Getting Things Done from a book by David Allen, Getting Things Done, The Art of Stress Free Productivity…

I got excited as soon as I started listening to the audio book because David’s method, which has been around for around 15years now, and widely used, is systems based with an efficiency and effectiveness mindset. It aims to help you to start to get on top of those day to day tasks with ease, to give you more of what David calls “mind like water”…  GTD helps to lift your level of focus from ‘ground level’ to higher altitudes of focus and thinking.

Any thing which promises to lift my focus to higher levels of thinking had to be tested…

I’ve started to implement some of the steps/processes in the methodology and am seeing immediate results….

Here’s a link to the GTD site and the GTD book on amazon

Let me know what you think..  either email dave(at) or checkout the facebook page


Big Wins and Don’t Judge Others

Reflecting on the week with my mentor/mentee and focus on celebrating the wins to get momentum…

Also a reminder to not judge others or think you know what’s happening in their life…

Focus on yourself and how you can be better for everyone…


Stand And Face Uncertainty

When you turn and face your fears, uncertainties and challenges instead of running away when they come after you… somehow, things work out better….

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Revisit Your Why

When you find you are not adding value in your current state… be honest and true to yourself and find some time to revisit your why.  What is the reason you are chasing your dreams, going for your goals and personal vision…

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#30 Move Forward With Conviction

“I have learned that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavours to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours” – Henry David Thoreau


Freedom Engineering In Depth

More in depth explanation of my reasons for starting the podcast and a discussion on how being interested in others is better than being interesting…


Freedom of Choice

The Freedom of Choice is one of the greatest powers we possess as human beings.  Choice can remove fear and lead you towards your dreams and goals…  What will you choose??

Stay In The Game

In the game of life, success is often dependent on how long you persevered.  If you want to win, you’ve got to stay in the game. You’ll definitely fail if you quit. Keep pursuing your dreams and goals. Consistent action will eventually lead to results…