Month: October 2017

Project Managing Life

Life will have ups and downs… I discussed this on the last podcast…

Life has been a bit crazy the last few weeks… I can’t pinpoint exactly why. Needless to say, in these situations, we have to take a step bake and review our ‘project’ to see where we can make changes or revisit the scope.  Take a refresh and come back with a renewed purpose..

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Learning from life’s ups and downs

Life is real, situations are real, we all face challenges and uncomfortable situations.  Focusing on success strategies, educating others, providing leadership means we can deal with life’s realities with confidence. Knowledge and experience provide a great platform to achieve and respond accordingly.


Customer Service Is Everything

I heard Grant Cardone talking about closing a deal 17 years after first making contact with a prospective customer. It is so true when people talk about service being the first thing you should focus on…  Providing the customer (or potential customer) with first-rate service, may not close the sale immediately, but the value to the future profit of your organisation, bank balance, or emotional bank account will be much more than the initial sale.

The Greatest Risk Is To Do Nothing

In your journey to Engineering Freedom and creating success, you need to recognise that risk cannot be escaped by inaction.  In fact, I believe that the greatest risk we take is by doing nothing….

If we do nothing, if we don’t take action towards our goals and dreams, toward a life of freedom and success, we run the ultimate risk of reaching the end of our life journey with the knowledge that we never really found out what it would be like to live our lives with passion, purpose and doing what we love…


12 Questions To Change Your Life

Thanks to Ryan Holiday for the inspiration behind this podcast. I subscribe to Ryan’s writings and blog and found this list in an email recently.

I thought it was worth sharing.  You can find the post here.


Progress and Passion

Hello Freedom Engineers!

I bought a new podcasting microphone, which shows progress….  never thought I’d be podcasting from my makeshift studio and talking about purchasing a microphone, but it happened… My path to Engineering Freedom is continuing and I hope you are starting to think about what it is you are searching for…. you can create success in your life… it’s real…. get after it…


Be in control of your own destiny

Sitting in traffic in a car with nowhere to go, no option to detour and no way to change your direction or being on a bike with the wind in your hair and the option to take a detour or sneak up the bike lane.  Which would you choose?  It’s important to be in control of your own destiny…. that’s what Engineering Freedom is all about.  The ability to control when, what and who you do things with….

A bad day can just as easily be good

I had a bad day, where all things aligned such that I got all the red lights, spilt my coffee, had priority projects derail my best-laid plans.  But, and this is important… If all things can align for the worst, doesn’t it make sense that any other day, all things can align for the best?

It’s a matter of reflection and perspective and how you respond to the challenges that count.

Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life!

“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.” – Jim Rohn

When I started my journey to become The Freedom Engineer, I found a book on success principles by Jack Canfield. The first principle is “Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life”.  This is so true.

Once I started to realise that I had to make personal changes in my life, that no-one else was going to do it for me, that’s when my life started to change for the better.

Engineering a Premiership

Richmond’s Grand Final victory on the weekend, it’s 11th Premiership is a testament to the power of reflection and mindset change. To go from 13th to 1st following an analysis of where the club was and where it wanted to be in one short year is a credit to the power of positive thinking.