Month: June 2018

Defining Success

“Success is enjoying the product of your own dreams or making progress in that direction… looking at your own desires, your own possibilities and seeing if you can stretch yourself”.

Defining what success means to you, makes it easier to monitor your progress and make course corrections along the way..


Overcoming Fear

I’ve finally returned to the podcast desk to overcome an ongoing fear…

Upon reflection, I’ve realised that in trying to be the best I can in the various roles in my life, eg. father, partner etc.  I’d been trying too hard to podcast just for the sake of recording something.

Well, to break the chains of fear and anxiety I’ve opted for a change of scope and to return to my roots and my reasons and vision for creating this podcast.  To inspire, to educate and lead others through sharing my story of how I came to be here, focusing on personal development and success.

I hope this drought-breaking episode brings a fresh light to the podcast.

Thanks for listening..