Month: July 2018

No Regrets

Hello Freedom Engineers,

I feel freer than I have in my life since I left a job and focused 100% on creating my own destiny through a business and following my vision.  And importantly, I have no regrets….

No Boss And It Feels Great

Hello Freedom Engineers!

Today I’m feeling great because it’s day one of not having a boss.  Last week I clocked my last hour working for someone else…

I have been working hard putting in place the action steps required to focus 100% on my own business, following my vision of creating a life of freedom and success and today that milestone is real…

Have I got it all figured out?  No way, not even close… but… I have 100% confidence in my ability to figure things out and the pain of living a life of regret has far more pull than worrying about knowing it all at this point…

I encourage you all to focus on your vision, your goals and take the necessary steps to put your destiny 100% in your hands.

See you next episode..