Month: September 2018

Find Answers In The Heart

After some time battling with the conflicting thoughts about what I think  I should do versus what I want to do, I thought it was time to remind you that following your passion, interests, heart, enjoyment etc… is where the real value is…

Systems Beats Tactics

After reviewing the disappointing loss in the qualifying final that my team the Hawks suffered at the hands of the reigning premiers Richmond Tigers, I read a brief article about the press conference from our head coach, Alistair Clarkson. In the conference, he described the reporters as “sheep” thinking that he could come to the game and deploy some brilliant tactics to win the match.  His point was that most premiership sides are systems based and almost always, the team who performs in accordance with their system the best will win.  In this episode, I talk about how systems are important in our own lives and how having a good system can help to achieve your goals faster…..