Have Patience

So often I’m impatient because I want to see the benefits of new habits, new processes in my life… I’ve been implementing the getting things done methodology and have started to see benefits already, but I am reminding myself to give it some time to really benefit from the full implementation of processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness into my life. As confucius said “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand”….

This is so true… After only a couple of weeks, I am now wiser to how these practices can help in my life…. but I know through time and patience I will gain greater understanding by actually doing the recommended things in the methodology…

Engineering Financial Freedom

Hello Freedom Engineers!

Fresh off a week of small practical steps I’ve taken to Engineer a way out of debt, I share some lessons and insights into how you can create a life of financial freedom.

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Engineering a way over the wall

In this episode I discuss the importance of keeping your curtain up, getting out of your comfort zone and scaling the wall to freedom.

Straight forward!

Beware high expectations

Setting unreasonable expectation can be a quick way to disappointment. In personal and business life, finding the right balance between expectation and standards is critical.

I am focussed currently on remaining in the present moment as a father to clear unreasonable expectations and enjoy my daughter’s growth without judgement.

It’s important when managing your project to set clear expectations so that you may meet them and move forward with pride, confidence and momentum.

Engineering Solutions to Writer’s Block!

Hey, I was stuck with podcaster’s block…. In this episode I give some insight into how I overcame it… Something that affects us all can be overcome with some simple strategies…