Systems Beats Tactics

After reviewing the disappointing loss in the qualifying final that my team the Hawks suffered at the hands of the reigning premiers Richmond Tigers, I read a brief article about the press conference from our head coach, Alistair Clarkson. In the conference, he described the reporters as “sheep” thinking that he could come to the game and deploy some brilliant tactics to win the match.  His point was that most premiership sides are systems based and almost always, the team who performs in accordance with their system the best will win.  In this episode, I talk about how systems are important in our own lives and how having a good system can help to achieve your goals faster…..

Focussing on Focus!

Hello Freedom Engineers!!

Some big wins this week when I dedicated some specific time blocks to FOCUS on tasks to avoid being a victim of Multi-tasking….

Are you looking to free yourself from scatterbrain??  Maybe you should follow my strategy…

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On Value and Passion

How much more attractive is someone who works with passion and provides value?  Someone who adds spark to society. It’s more often that we are attracted to the person in the business, not the business itself.

Finding your true purpose and passion will help you to add more value to society.

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Engineer some more positive associations

Hello Freedom Engineers!

How often have you asked questions to other people and they focus on the negatives???  It happens all the time…

To create more success in your life you need to start focusing on some more positive connections…

You can’t hang around negative people and expect to live a positive life…

A message of Hope and preparing for Winter

As Easter has come and gone, I reflect on the Easter message and it’s message of hope.  Also, my champion football team is suffering at the moment, but there is a lesson for all of us in ensuring you prepare for the tough times when things are rosy!