Engineering a Premiership

Richmond’s Grand Final victory on the weekend, it’s 11th Premiership is a testament to the power of reflection and mindset change. To go from 13th to 1st following an analysis of where the club was and where it wanted to be in one short year is a credit to the power of positive thinking.

Start small

Hello Freedom Engineers,

My journey to Engineering Freedom started through small changes in my daily life… simple habits that have had a positive effect on my life…

Start small and see the magic of change…

Engineer An Animated Life

Hello Freedom Engineers!
On the weekend I attended an amazing exhibition* from the studio Aardman Animations (the people who created Wallace and Gromit and other animated movies like Chicken Run).  Apart from being a fantastic exhibition, I had a chance to make my own animated film (3 seconds!) using modelling clay and I was reflecting on how simple animated movies are in design.  Basically a series of snapshots with small movements or some minor changes to the position of the characters or their features. These small changes when viewed back to back over time produce brilliant animated movies.
If we look at our lives as an animated movie, we can make just very small changes in our lives that will produce an amazing result.
Are you looking to produce some amazing results?  Just make some small changes that will add up over time to a great and successful life.

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*Aardman Animations (Founders Peter Lord and David Sproxton)
ACMI Wallace and Gromit Exhibition –