Stack the odds of success…

Life is about taking action towards your goals, reflecting on what actions are bringing about positive results, reiterating your processes and stacking the odds in your favour…

Solstice Thoughts

I was reminded today as I went outside for some fresh morning air, that today is/was the longest day of the year (southern hemisphere summer solstice). It made me think… the sun will rise and the sun will set every day…. that is one of the only things that is constant in our lives.   Everything else we don’t really know, but we can change our lives, our future by focusing on our choices, our plans, our actions….  by implementing the Freedom Engineering processes and procedures to create change, to create success..



The Digging-est Dog

In this episode, some insights from a children’s book by Al Perkins called The Digging-est Dog.


Project Managing Life

Life will have ups and downs… I discussed this on the last podcast…

Life has been a bit crazy the last few weeks… I can’t pinpoint exactly why. Needless to say, in these situations, we have to take a step bake and review our ‘project’ to see where we can make changes or revisit the scope.  Take a refresh and come back with a renewed purpose..

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Inspire Before I Expire

Bongiorno Freedom Engineers! Back from a very enjoyable European holiday through Germany and Italy, I’m back on the airwaves…

I wanted to podcast while I was away (and thanks for eagerly waiting!), but I was so tired and exhausted from all the fun I was having with my beautiful family I couldn’t get them out (and also many wifi issues!).

In this episode I discuss a little about the joy of travel and one of the nuggets of wisdom I saw on a t-shirt in Rome….

I missed the chance to record regular podcasts, I missed my sister’s birthday, but I did not miss the opportunity to be present every day with my little girl and my partner for a great holiday…  Good to be back though… enjoy… and I look forward to sharing what I learned in future episodes..