Getting Things Done

Hello Podcast listeners!

I’ve been off the airwaves for a few days because I’ve commenced the process of implementing a productivity breakthrough, a personal management system called Getting Things Done from a book by David Allen, Getting Things Done, The Art of Stress Free Productivity…

I got excited as soon as I started listening to the audio book because David’s method, which has been around for around 15years now, and widely used, is systems based with an efficiency and effectiveness mindset. It aims to help you to start to get on top of those day to day tasks with ease, to give you more of what David calls “mind like water”…  GTD helps to lift your level of focus from ‘ground level’ to higher altitudes of focus and thinking.

Any thing which promises to lift my focus to higher levels of thinking had to be tested…

I’ve started to implement some of the steps/processes in the methodology and am seeing immediate results….

Here’s a link to the GTD site and the GTD book on amazon

Let me know what you think..  either email dave(at) or checkout the facebook page


Focussing on Focus!

Hello Freedom Engineers!!

Some big wins this week when I dedicated some specific time blocks to FOCUS on tasks to avoid being a victim of Multi-tasking….

Are you looking to free yourself from scatterbrain??  Maybe you should follow my strategy…

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