Setting ‘Contribution To Community’ Goals (and a little about the podcast future…)

Hi Freedom Engineers! We have come to the end of our 8-week goal setting series…

In this episode I discuss  goals related to making a difference (or Contribution to Community). 
Similarly to personal growth goals, these are goals that get you out of your comfort zone and will also help to lift you up to a higher level of performance in all areas of your life. If you feel good from making a contribution to the wider human race, you will perform better in other areas of your life.
I also talk about having a clear and guiding vision (as the final piece of the goal setting practice) – something that you can use as your navigational beacon, your Polaris Star.

I also wrap up the episode with a quick discussion about my plan for 2019, how my guiding vision is to focus primarily on High Performance Coaching and how this may mean I no longer record regular podcast episodes.
If that transpires (no more episodes) I want to say thanks to each and every listener who has tuned in to the podcast (particularly those who have been there from the beginning). You have been my inspiration and just knowing that there are people listening to a random guy from Melbourne, Australia discussing how you can change your future through the application of success strategies has kept this going as long as it has.

If you feel inspired to let me know how this has helped you in some way, I encourage you to reach out to me at or check out for some more insight and how to contact me for coaching.
Thank you all once again..
Have a great 2019!!!

Setting Personal Growth Goals

Hello Freedom Engineers!
We are nearing the end of our8-week goal setting series…
This week I discuss personal growth goals – what are they and why are they so important.  Also, why it is important to set goals that get you out of your comfort zone and how suffering some minor trauma is good for growth!
These are the goals that should lift you up to a higher level of performance in all areas of your life, and if someone were to meet you after a few years apart… they would see a noticeable difference… not that it is about what other people think or see, but just to highlight that this area is where you will make some really serious and momentum building changes in your life..
From Jim Rohn – “don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills to handle them”.
Reach out to me for a free discovery session – and have a great weekend!

Setting Relationship Goals

We are half way through and into the more personal goals of an 8 week series on setting goals.
Hopefully, you’ve identified some things you can work towards in the areas of Finance, Career, Health and Wellness and Recreation.  Remember it’s who you become in the process of reaching for these goals that really counts…
These goal areas are borrowed from Jack Canfield, but I add my own flavour:
  1. Financial (money, earnings, savings mortgage etc.)
  2. Career/Job/Business (what do I want to have, be etc.)
  3. Free time/family time (recreation, travel, hobbies)
  4. Health / Appearance Goals (physical fitness, appearance, clothes)
  5. Relationships (family, loved ones, friends)
  6. Personal Growth (studying, learning, improving yourself)
  7. Making a difference (contribution to community)
This week we are looking at Relationship Goals!
What might you list as goals in this area of your life?? Well for me it’s things like:
  • reconnect with old friends
  • explore meetup groups to join to form new connections
  • become a great father and raise a loving and respectful family (that’s a 10-year goal!)
  • be more compassionate, be more selfless etc…
  • put together a list of destinations that we can go away together as a family
These goals are a little less material focused and more about feelings obviously.
So set down some relationship area goals and break them down depending on whether they are 1-year, 3-year, 5-year or 10-year goals.  Going from 1 to 10 year gets you into the mindset of being intentional with your life and making some dedicated choices about your actions instead of just following the crowd…
If you are looking for someone to help arm you with the tools and resources to make some changes in your life, to accelerate your freedom and onto your journey of living an awesome life… reach out to me at
Thanks for listening!

Setting Recreation Goals

Episode 3 in a series on setting goals.  This time we look at Recreation goals and give you some tips and insights on how to set goals in this arena of your life –  this should be a fun process when thinking about where you want to go, what you want to see etc….

These tips will help you expand your mind into where you could go and what you could do..

And if travel isn’t already part of your goals here it should because travel really does expand your awareness about this amazing world.. as Mark Twain said.

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”

Find Answers In The Heart

After some time battling with the conflicting thoughts about what I think  I should do versus what I want to do, I thought it was time to remind you that following your passion, interests, heart, enjoyment etc… is where the real value is…

Be A Toy Tug Boat!

I read a book to my daughter during my awesome day on Rad Dad Duties. We found it in a cafe. It was called Scruffy The Tugboat (and his adventures down the river)…. here’s my take on why you need to follow Scruffy’s idea to get out of the bathtub…


Flow is Good

Three weeks after leaving the corporate life for good to be a coach and consultant, I’m finding that time is going faster than it used to when I sat in a cubicle next to people whos weeks were filled with sending and reading emails and not much else.

Some people call the state of mind when you are so engrossed in what you are doing that time flies (or even stands still) – FLOW.  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is the Hungarian-American psychologist that I mention in this episode.  His book Flow is worth a read. You could get it from Amazon here ..


No Regrets

Hello Freedom Engineers,

I feel freer than I have in my life since I left a job and focused 100% on creating my own destiny through a business and following my vision.  And importantly, I have no regrets….

No Boss And It Feels Great

Hello Freedom Engineers!

Today I’m feeling great because it’s day one of not having a boss.  Last week I clocked my last hour working for someone else…

I have been working hard putting in place the action steps required to focus 100% on my own business, following my vision of creating a life of freedom and success and today that milestone is real…

Have I got it all figured out?  No way, not even close… but… I have 100% confidence in my ability to figure things out and the pain of living a life of regret has far more pull than worrying about knowing it all at this point…

I encourage you all to focus on your vision, your goals and take the necessary steps to put your destiny 100% in your hands.

See you next episode..

Overcoming Fear

I’ve finally returned to the podcast desk to overcome an ongoing fear…

Upon reflection, I’ve realised that in trying to be the best I can in the various roles in my life, eg. father, partner etc.  I’d been trying too hard to podcast just for the sake of recording something.

Well, to break the chains of fear and anxiety I’ve opted for a change of scope and to return to my roots and my reasons and vision for creating this podcast.  To inspire, to educate and lead others through sharing my story of how I came to be here, focusing on personal development and success.

I hope this drought-breaking episode brings a fresh light to the podcast.

Thanks for listening..