Setting ‘Contribution To Community’ Goals (and a little about the podcast future…)

Hi Freedom Engineers! We have come to the end of our 8-week goal setting series…

In this episode I discuss  goals related to making a difference (or Contribution to Community). 
Similarly to personal growth goals, these are goals that get you out of your comfort zone and will also help to lift you up to a higher level of performance in all areas of your life. If you feel good from making a contribution to the wider human race, you will perform better in other areas of your life.
I also talk about having a clear and guiding vision (as the final piece of the goal setting practice) – something that you can use as your navigational beacon, your Polaris Star.

I also wrap up the episode with a quick discussion about my plan for 2019, how my guiding vision is to focus primarily on High Performance Coaching and how this may mean I no longer record regular podcast episodes.
If that transpires (no more episodes) I want to say thanks to each and every listener who has tuned in to the podcast (particularly those who have been there from the beginning). You have been my inspiration and just knowing that there are people listening to a random guy from Melbourne, Australia discussing how you can change your future through the application of success strategies has kept this going as long as it has.

If you feel inspired to let me know how this has helped you in some way, I encourage you to reach out to me at or check out for some more insight and how to contact me for coaching.
Thank you all once again..
Have a great 2019!!!

Who Gives A Crap

Thinking about gratitude again!  We buy and use Who Gives A Crap toilet paper ( and I was reading the bio and was reminded that billions of people don’t have access to toilets! This highlights the need to be grateful for all that we have in life because it’s so easy to take for granted things that we otherwise don’t think about – like toilets!.

Be Grateful….. it will help you to succeed…


Freedom of Choice

The Freedom of Choice is one of the greatest powers we possess as human beings.  Choice can remove fear and lead you towards your dreams and goals…  What will you choose??

Stay In The Game

In the game of life, success is often dependent on how long you persevered.  If you want to win, you’ve got to stay in the game. You’ll definitely fail if you quit. Keep pursuing your dreams and goals. Consistent action will eventually lead to results…


Bringing more gratitude into your life will help to build a mindset of appreciation, thankfulness and ultimately focus on your goals…

The importance of gratitude

When we hear of bad situations happening around us or in the world it’s important to reflect on how lucky we are to have what we have. A feeling of gratefulness came across me when I heard of a fire nearby…