Revisit Your Why

When you find you are not adding value in your current state… be honest and true to yourself and find some time to revisit your why.  What is the reason you are chasing your dreams, going for your goals and personal vision…

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Stay In The Game

In the game of life, success is often dependent on how long you persevered.  If you want to win, you’ve got to stay in the game. You’ll definitely fail if you quit. Keep pursuing your dreams and goals. Consistent action will eventually lead to results…

Get Moving!

What are you doing to get unstuck?  Try starting with getting your body moving!  Healthy body, healthy mind… start the process towards your goals…

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The Compound Effect

The Compound Effect is a concept that is based around the idea that incremental positive habits or steps will lead to other incremental positive habits.  In isolation they do not look like much but when put back to back and allowed to grow as a combined entity, the results can be astounding.

Try implementing positive habits into your life and watch what happens over the long term!

“The Compound Effect” – Darren Hardy is a great book to read!

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Goals and Inspiration

Hello Freedom Engineers!

I’m into goal setting at the moment, something I haven’t traditionally done, but am finding it super helpful in building momentum and creating that positive mindset. Also inspired by other people who “get” the idea of going after your dream….

Inspire Before I Expire

Bongiorno Freedom Engineers! Back from a very enjoyable European holiday through Germany and Italy, I’m back on the airwaves…

I wanted to podcast while I was away (and thanks for eagerly waiting!), but I was so tired and exhausted from all the fun I was having with my beautiful family I couldn’t get them out (and also many wifi issues!).

In this episode I discuss a little about the joy of travel and one of the nuggets of wisdom I saw on a t-shirt in Rome….

I missed the chance to record regular podcasts, I missed my sister’s birthday, but I did not miss the opportunity to be present every day with my little girl and my partner for a great holiday…  Good to be back though… enjoy… and I look forward to sharing what I learned in future episodes..

On Value and Passion

How much more attractive is someone who works with passion and provides value?  Someone who adds spark to society. It’s more often that we are attracted to the person in the business, not the business itself.

Finding your true purpose and passion will help you to add more value to society.

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Engineer some more positive associations

Hello Freedom Engineers!

How often have you asked questions to other people and they focus on the negatives???  It happens all the time…

To create more success in your life you need to start focusing on some more positive connections…

You can’t hang around negative people and expect to live a positive life…