Shogunai – It can’t be helped

Hello Freedom Engineers!

I was back on the meditation cushion this morning after an early morning walk.  Turns out I’ve done over 160 sessions and 30hours of meditation since I started practising mindfulness (officially).  The message this morning was the Japanese word of Shogunai – which loosely translates to “it can’t be helped”.  It’s a reminder to practise acceptance in our lives, to remember that there are some things which we can’t control and it’s better to accept these for what is and move on with positive action.

I’m focusing on the next 2 months as a springboard for creating momentum for 2018 towards my goals and dreams.  Are you??  If you need some assistance or are looking for some simple action suggestions, send me an email dave(at)

Have a great day!

The Compound Effect

The Compound Effect is a concept that is based around the idea that incremental positive habits or steps will lead to other incremental positive habits.  In isolation they do not look like much but when put back to back and allowed to grow as a combined entity, the results can be astounding.

Try implementing positive habits into your life and watch what happens over the long term!

“The Compound Effect” – Darren Hardy is a great book to read!

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Engineering good habits

If you want to build a life of success and freedom, it’s very important to build a solid routine of good habits and discipline.   In this episode I discuss what I am doing in my morning routine which is making a difference to my life..