Find Answers In The Heart

After some time battling with the conflicting thoughts about what I think  I should do versus what I want to do, I thought it was time to remind you that following your passion, interests, heart, enjoyment etc… is where the real value is…

Progress and Passion

Hello Freedom Engineers!

I bought a new podcasting microphone, which shows progress….  never thought I’d be podcasting from my makeshift studio and talking about purchasing a microphone, but it happened… My path to Engineering Freedom is continuing and I hope you are starting to think about what it is you are searching for…. you can create success in your life… it’s real…. get after it…


What’s your secret sauce?

There are many ways to create a great recipe using the same ingredients.  Many different methods for preparing a dish.

In life, we all have the chance to create a great recipe using the ingredients we find all around us… depending on what little bits you add will dictate what the final dish looks like….

Maybe you’ve got a secret sauce that only you know about… maybe you followed a recipe once but you know it so well  now that you cook off by heart…

What’s going to be your secret recipe? What’s your secret sauce?  Use the experiences of your life to mould a great dish from all the ingredients in your own unique way…


Revisit Your Why

When you find you are not adding value in your current state… be honest and true to yourself and find some time to revisit your why.  What is the reason you are chasing your dreams, going for your goals and personal vision…

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Thanks for listening!

#30 Move Forward With Conviction

“I have learned that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavours to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours” – Henry David Thoreau


Freedom Engineering In Depth

More in depth explanation of my reasons for starting the podcast and a discussion on how being interested in others is better than being interesting…


Get Moving!

What are you doing to get unstuck?  Try starting with getting your body moving!  Healthy body, healthy mind… start the process towards your goals…

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Freedom To Elevate Your Life – Part 2

Use experts to help make informed decisions and take action towards your goals. Sometimes it just takes someone with a little more experience than you to add that insight which helps you take action.

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Freedom To Elevate Your Life

“I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavour” – Henry David Thoreau

We really are a unique species, Human Beings, that have the capacity to bring about fundamental change in our lives through self awareness and conscious action towards our goals.

Recognise those activities which are not moving you forward and eliminate or reduce, and look to those activities which will help you achieve your goals and add them into your daily life… Awareness, Action, Results… Simple…!

Engineer An Animated Life

Hello Freedom Engineers!
On the weekend I attended an amazing exhibition* from the studio Aardman Animations (the people who created Wallace and Gromit and other animated movies like Chicken Run).  Apart from being a fantastic exhibition, I had a chance to make my own animated film (3 seconds!) using modelling clay and I was reflecting on how simple animated movies are in design.  Basically a series of snapshots with small movements or some minor changes to the position of the characters or their features. These small changes when viewed back to back over time produce brilliant animated movies.
If we look at our lives as an animated movie, we can make just very small changes in our lives that will produce an amazing result.
Are you looking to produce some amazing results?  Just make some small changes that will add up over time to a great and successful life.

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*Aardman Animations (Founders Peter Lord and David Sproxton)
ACMI Wallace and Gromit Exhibition –