Progress not perfection

“There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

In our journey to freedom engineering, I want to remind you that standing still is not okay, but you don’t have to make things perfect…

Aim for progress, not perfection….


Growing Something From Nothing

Hello Freedom Engineers!

Recently I spent some time with friends at my friend’s holiday house in the bush (Australian term!)…  I saw some beautiful gum trees growing in very rocky conditions, devoid of much soil, if any at all….

It made me think how often we wait for conditions to be perfect (or better than they are) before we get started on our projects, businesses, dreams, plans etc….

Truth is, the conditions may never be perfect, in fact, probably won’t ever be perfect but amazing things can be grown from nothing and the end result is often beautiful and amazing…

Like a stoic gum tree that plants its seed and grows roots in the rocky ground, why don’t you try to start with one piece of the puzzle instead of waiting for all the pieces to be put on the table!

Get at it…. the time may be right after all…

Engineering Solutions to Writer’s Block!

Hey, I was stuck with podcaster’s block…. In this episode I give some insight into how I overcame it… Something that affects us all can be overcome with some simple strategies…