Progress and Passion

Hello Freedom Engineers!

I bought a new podcasting microphone, which shows progress….  never thought I’d be podcasting from my makeshift studio and talking about purchasing a microphone, but it happened… My path to Engineering Freedom is continuing and I hope you are starting to think about what it is you are searching for…. you can create success in your life… it’s real…. get after it…


Freedom Engineering In Depth

More in depth explanation of my reasons for starting the podcast and a discussion on how being interested in others is better than being interesting…


4 Hour Work Week Thoughts

I recently finished reading the 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris.  Read this with an open mind…  A catchy title and promise of the entrepreneur lifestyle which is great, but also some fundamental principles in success strategies..

Reduce waste so you can focus on the important tasks that generate value and success.

Freedom To Elevate Your Life – Part 2

Use experts to help make informed decisions and take action towards your goals. Sometimes it just takes someone with a little more experience than you to add that insight which helps you take action.

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Focussing on Focus!

Hello Freedom Engineers!!

Some big wins this week when I dedicated some specific time blocks to FOCUS on tasks to avoid being a victim of Multi-tasking….

Are you looking to free yourself from scatterbrain??  Maybe you should follow my strategy…

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Engineering Solutions to Writer’s Block!

Hey, I was stuck with podcaster’s block…. In this episode I give some insight into how I overcame it… Something that affects us all can be overcome with some simple strategies…


The importance of gratitude

When we hear of bad situations happening around us or in the world it’s important to reflect on how lucky we are to have what we have. A feeling of gratefulness came across me when I heard of a fire nearby…

Don’t Take Care, Take Risk

In this episode I discuss how taking risk can be better than taking care.


To Engineer Is Human – The Role Of Failure In Success

In this episode I discuss how failure has led to success….

Let me know what you think….


Energy Freedom

Episode 2 of The Freedom Engineer Podcast

Talking about empowerment of poor communities through engineering objects to create solar power..