12 Questions To Change Your Life

Thanks to Ryan Holiday for the inspiration behind this podcast. I subscribe to Ryan’s writings and blog and found this list in an email recently.

I thought it was worth sharing.  You can find the post here.


Engineering a Premiership

Richmond’s Grand Final victory on the weekend, it’s 11th Premiership is a testament to the power of reflection and mindset change. To go from 13th to 1st following an analysis of where the club was and where it wanted to be in one short year is a credit to the power of positive thinking.

Fatherhood Success

My little girl turned 2 on the weekend and I was reflecting on whether that means I have been successful as a father, given that she is healthy, happy and well educated…

What does success look like in family life, as a parent??  You’ll only really know with the benefit of time and reflection from an elevated level….

Much like looking at the changes in a coastal landscape from high above rather than the day to day action of the waves and the wind on the beach and cliffs, the changes in our life may not be noticeable unless we look back in reflection…

5 Success Habits

Hello Freedom Engineers!

My first podcast list!  I’ve been talking about the habits and tools you can implement to build success and create freedom in your life… here’s a list of 5 things to do that will help you move forward towards your goals and dreams.

Simple habits that successful people have that make a real difference…


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Don’t wait for retirement

Hello Freedom Engineers….

I was at a morning tea for someone who was retiring yesterday….

When I reflected on what sort of a legacy you could leave in the world and how years of service boil down to a little morning tea and a card saying thanks for your time it gave me fresh motivation to continue the freedom engineering journey so that I don’t need to wait for retirement to do all the things I love to do….

Why wait?? why not take your chances now…. make your choices now…. go for your dreams now…..  it’s better to be young enough to enjoy all life has to offer, instead of hoping you’ll be able to when you reach ‘retirement age’….