Setting ‘Contribution To Community’ Goals (and a little about the podcast future…)

Hi Freedom Engineers! We have come to the end of our 8-week goal setting series…

In this episode I discuss  goals related to making a difference (or Contribution to Community). 
Similarly to personal growth goals, these are goals that get you out of your comfort zone and will also help to lift you up to a higher level of performance in all areas of your life. If you feel good from making a contribution to the wider human race, you will perform better in other areas of your life.
I also talk about having a clear and guiding vision (as the final piece of the goal setting practice) – something that you can use as your navigational beacon, your Polaris Star.

I also wrap up the episode with a quick discussion about my plan for 2019, how my guiding vision is to focus primarily on High Performance Coaching and how this may mean I no longer record regular podcast episodes.
If that transpires (no more episodes) I want to say thanks to each and every listener who has tuned in to the podcast (particularly those who have been there from the beginning). You have been my inspiration and just knowing that there are people listening to a random guy from Melbourne, Australia discussing how you can change your future through the application of success strategies has kept this going as long as it has.

If you feel inspired to let me know how this has helped you in some way, I encourage you to reach out to me at or check out for some more insight and how to contact me for coaching.
Thank you all once again..
Have a great 2019!!!

Live The Ant Philosophy

Spring is almost here.  Start planting the seeds of success now….

Flow is Good

Three weeks after leaving the corporate life for good to be a coach and consultant, I’m finding that time is going faster than it used to when I sat in a cubicle next to people whos weeks were filled with sending and reading emails and not much else.

Some people call the state of mind when you are so engrossed in what you are doing that time flies (or even stands still) – FLOW.  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is the Hungarian-American psychologist that I mention in this episode.  His book Flow is worth a read. You could get it from Amazon here ..


No Boss And It Feels Great

Hello Freedom Engineers!

Today I’m feeling great because it’s day one of not having a boss.  Last week I clocked my last hour working for someone else…

I have been working hard putting in place the action steps required to focus 100% on my own business, following my vision of creating a life of freedom and success and today that milestone is real…

Have I got it all figured out?  No way, not even close… but… I have 100% confidence in my ability to figure things out and the pain of living a life of regret has far more pull than worrying about knowing it all at this point…

I encourage you all to focus on your vision, your goals and take the necessary steps to put your destiny 100% in your hands.

See you next episode..

Defining Success

“Success is enjoying the product of your own dreams or making progress in that direction… looking at your own desires, your own possibilities and seeing if you can stretch yourself”.

Defining what success means to you, makes it easier to monitor your progress and make course corrections along the way..


Why I Got Excited When No One Showed Up To My Gary Vee Event

No one showed up to a Meetup I was hosting.  Ironically the lessons in entrepreneurship that I was going to share that I had learned and heard from others including Gary Vaynerchuk were applicable even more so to me after this happened…

That’s why I got excited because I know that this experience is going to be an inspiring story for someone else one day…

The Domino Effect

A domino can knock over another 1.5 times its size.  This means that to knock over something big, like a goal or a dream, you can start small and build momentum.


Stack the odds of success…

Life is about taking action towards your goals, reflecting on what actions are bringing about positive results, reiterating your processes and stacking the odds in your favour…

Believe that what you’re doing matters

You must believe, truly believe that what you’re doing matters. Then take action and it will work out!

What’s Your Legacy?

Are you going to work for someone else for your whole life, or are you going to leave a legacy?