Fatherhood Success

My little girl turned 2 on the weekend and I was reflecting on whether that means I have been successful as a father, given that she is healthy, happy and well educated…

What does success look like in family life, as a parent??  You’ll only really know with the benefit of time and reflection from an elevated level….

Much like looking at the changes in a coastal landscape from high above rather than the day to day action of the waves and the wind on the beach and cliffs, the changes in our life may not be noticeable unless we look back in reflection…

Engineering a way over the wall

In this episode I discuss the importance of keeping your curtain up, getting out of your comfort zone and scaling the wall to freedom.

Straight forward!

Inspire Before I Expire

Bongiorno Freedom Engineers! Back from a very enjoyable European holiday through Germany and Italy, I’m back on the airwaves…

I wanted to podcast while I was away (and thanks for eagerly waiting!), but I was so tired and exhausted from all the fun I was having with my beautiful family I couldn’t get them out (and also many wifi issues!).

In this episode I discuss a little about the joy of travel and one of the nuggets of wisdom I saw on a t-shirt in Rome….

I missed the chance to record regular podcasts, I missed my sister’s birthday, but I did not miss the opportunity to be present every day with my little girl and my partner for a great holiday…  Good to be back though… enjoy… and I look forward to sharing what I learned in future episodes..