Overcoming Fear

I’ve finally returned to the podcast desk to overcome an ongoing fear…

Upon reflection, I’ve realised that in trying to be the best I can in the various roles in my life, eg. father, partner etc.  I’d been trying too hard to podcast just for the sake of recording something.

Well, to break the chains of fear and anxiety I’ve opted for a change of scope and to return to my roots and my reasons and vision for creating this podcast.  To inspire, to educate and lead others through sharing my story of how I came to be here, focusing on personal development and success.

I hope this drought-breaking episode brings a fresh light to the podcast.

Thanks for listening..

5 Success Habits

Hello Freedom Engineers!

My first podcast list!  I’ve been talking about the habits and tools you can implement to build success and create freedom in your life… here’s a list of 5 things to do that will help you move forward towards your goals and dreams.

Simple habits that successful people have that make a real difference…


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Don’t wait for retirement

Hello Freedom Engineers….

I was at a morning tea for someone who was retiring yesterday….

When I reflected on what sort of a legacy you could leave in the world and how years of service boil down to a little morning tea and a card saying thanks for your time it gave me fresh motivation to continue the freedom engineering journey so that I don’t need to wait for retirement to do all the things I love to do….

Why wait?? why not take your chances now…. make your choices now…. go for your dreams now…..  it’s better to be young enough to enjoy all life has to offer, instead of hoping you’ll be able to when you reach ‘retirement age’….

Have Patience

So often I’m impatient because I want to see the benefits of new habits, new processes in my life… I’ve been implementing the getting things done methodology and have started to see benefits already, but I am reminding myself to give it some time to really benefit from the full implementation of processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness into my life. As confucius said “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand”….

This is so true… After only a couple of weeks, I am now wiser to how these practices can help in my life…. but I know through time and patience I will gain greater understanding by actually doing the recommended things in the methodology…

What’s your secret sauce?

There are many ways to create a great recipe using the same ingredients.  Many different methods for preparing a dish.

In life, we all have the chance to create a great recipe using the ingredients we find all around us… depending on what little bits you add will dictate what the final dish looks like….

Maybe you’ve got a secret sauce that only you know about… maybe you followed a recipe once but you know it so well  now that you cook off by heart…

What’s going to be your secret recipe? What’s your secret sauce?  Use the experiences of your life to mould a great dish from all the ingredients in your own unique way…


Getting Things Done

Hello Podcast listeners!

I’ve been off the airwaves for a few days because I’ve commenced the process of implementing a productivity breakthrough, a personal management system called Getting Things Done from a book by David Allen, Getting Things Done, The Art of Stress Free Productivity…

I got excited as soon as I started listening to the audio book because David’s method, which has been around for around 15years now, and widely used, is systems based with an efficiency and effectiveness mindset. It aims to help you to start to get on top of those day to day tasks with ease, to give you more of what David calls “mind like water”…  GTD helps to lift your level of focus from ‘ground level’ to higher altitudes of focus and thinking.

Any thing which promises to lift my focus to higher levels of thinking had to be tested…

I’ve started to implement some of the steps/processes in the methodology and am seeing immediate results….

Here’s a link to the GTD site and the GTD book on amazon

Let me know what you think..  either email dave(at) or checkout the facebook page


Big Wins and Don’t Judge Others

Reflecting on the week with my mentor/mentee and focus on celebrating the wins to get momentum…

Also a reminder to not judge others or think you know what’s happening in their life…

Focus on yourself and how you can be better for everyone…